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Effectively manage your global payments, foreign exchange and currency risk by working with our experts.

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Partner with Local Vancouver Experts

Partner with one of our local Vancouver experts by leveraging their market experience and payment expertise. Your local expert is your single point of contact for accessing the FX solutions you need.

Higher Standard of Service

Our Account Managers are dedicated to finding the right solution for your business and will efficiently process your transactions on your behalf.

Innovative Technology

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and ensure efficiency. You can now send global payments to select countries through PayFX for quick and secure transactions.

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Security & Compliance

Our rigorous compliance requirements protect your business from fraud. Our compliance team carefully reviews each transaction to detect inconsistencies alerting you of possible threats.

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Customized Solutions

Our Account Managers learn the intricacies of your business to create custom solutions that protect your bottom line, create efficiency in your processes, and minimize risk.

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  • Oly Financial
  • FCA
  • EDC
  • CIBC

How It Works

Call for a Consultation

Speak with one of our Currency and Global Payment Account Managers about your current strategy and business goals.

Get a Strategic Plan

Your dedicated Account Manager will recommend a customized, end-to-end strategy that matches your company’s long term objectives while addressing your current needs.

Manage Your Payments

Streamline your payment process by leveraging your Account Managers best-execution capabilities. They will monitor the markets and execute your transactions, so you can focus on growing your business.

Start Strategizing With an Expert

Get more done by formulating a comprehensive FX strategy with one of our experts. This level of coordination can help unlock potential global revenue opportunities while ensuring that as your company grows you also streamline your payment process. 

Find support for your company’s goals by speaking with an expert over the phone or in person at our Vancouver office.

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PayFX Trading Platform

Sign up for PayFX - Olympia’s online trading platform, and start taking your company’s foreign exchange into your own hands.

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Buy & Sell Currencies

Quickly buy and sell 18 of the most common currencies in the world.

Multi-currency Account

With a multi-currency account, your funds are always on standby for quick transactions.

Manage Global Payments

Enter all of your payee information and quickly send, receive and track your businesse global payments with a click of a button.


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