The Secret to Easy International Payments

Posted by Sonal Mistry on 3/13/20 11:17 AM

international-paymentsRegardless of the size or nature of your company, an international invoice is likely to land on your desk at some point in time. International import and export is becoming commonplace for small and large businesses alike. Perhaps a contractor in Europe specializes in a problem you are facing, or a supplier in Australia has a machine you need for manufacturing. 

Dealing with international invoices can be a hassle but there are ways to pay those invoices quickly, securely and at lower rates.

Don’t get ripped off by transfer fees or misleading exchange rates.


The Secret: Use an FX Provider

Unless your business is to pay invoices, you most likely have other responsibilities to handle on a day to day basis. Using an FX provider ensures that your funds get transferred securely and at the best rates possible.

YourAccount Manager will be well versed in the unique requirements for sending money to specific countries. They will make sure all the details are correct for international transfers, as some countries may have certain requirements for receiving wires to their banking system.

The Account Managers will also be able to structure your payments to mitigate currency risk. If you have an invoice due at a specific time, you run the risk of the markets moving unfavourably and eroding your profits completely. Using a product such as a forward contract will allow you to lock in the exact exchange rate the day the deal is agreed upon, which can nullify currency risk.

Paying in Foreign Currencies

Your foreign business contacts will use their home currency for invoicing and collecting. To settle these invoices, you will need to keep in mind the exchange rate to know exactly what it will cost in your home currency. It is important to note that some invoicing may even be done in a third-party currency. (For example, you may be in contact with a Chinese manufacturer for parts that is domiciled in Canada, but they ask for payment in U.S. dollars. This type of transaction is not uncommon.)

The most common method of transferring funds to a foreign country is a wire transfer. Wires are handled by the SWIFT network. This worldwide network handles millions of transfers daily and is the standard for secure settlement. Within North America you can expect your beneficiary to receive their funds within a business day and internationally your beneficiary will receive funds in one to three business days.

 Wire Transfers within North American – ~1 business day
 Wire Transfers internationally   ~1-3 business days

By using a foreign exchange provider, you will be in contact someone who will be familiar with the currencies, requirements, and payment details needed for different countries

  1. Your Canadian company needs to send 100,000 Euros to Germany for a piece of equipment. Your supplier has given you 60 days to pay.
  2. Contact one of our FX Specialist and let them know what you need.
  3. We will help you create a plan for payment – whether this is buying SPOT before terms are up, locking in a forward the day of, or using other products to save you money and minimize risk.
  4. Book your trade.
  5. Your FX provider will handle the Euro wire and provide a wire receipt once sent.
  6. Sit back and relax knowing the funds have been sent quickly, securely, and at a great exchange rate.


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