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Multi-Currency Account Saved Company 5% on Monthly Revenue

Posted by Olympia CGP on 5/11/20 1:49 PM

A Canadian Software company with product distribution internationally, was struggling to find an alternative solution to accepting  and holding foreign currencies as payment. With operations in Europe, Australia and the United States, bringing revenue back to Canada meant that these currencies, once received, would need to be immediately exchanged to Canadian Dollars in order to hold the funds in their account.

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How a Simple Trading Tactic Saved Thousands of Dollars in 1 Year

Posted by Ross Lynch on 3/30/20 11:03 AM

A family owned and operated livestock company has been in business for 24 years. They are a tough group of proud Albertans that work hard every day. The business has been successful, and they produce strong and healthy animals for export to the US every year. 

Topics: Case Studies

Streamlining Global Payments Saves Company Time and Resources

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/13/20 10:41 AM

The Challenge

A mining company with international operations in Canada, Africa, and the Middle East was having problems effectively making global payments. Their annual currency exchange volume was between $500,000 to $2 million.

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New Hedging Strategy Saved Local BC Company Half a Million Dollars

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/9/20 2:35 PM

The Challenge

A BC nursery was experiencing frustrations and challenges with its bank over inconsistent and confusing trading fees when executing its foreign exchange transaction.

Topics: Case Studies

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