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Managing Foreign Exchange Risk in an Uncertain Market Due to Covid-19

Ross Lynch | 1/21/21 9:05 AM

A family owned and operated textile company has been in business for 30+ years. The business was successfully managing large product imports from China until the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic hit. As with ...

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Streamline payments to the US while avoiding unnecessary fees

Olympia CGP | 1/6/21 10:54 AM

One of the biggest challenges companies face when looking to import equipment for their business is making the cross-border payment. One of our corporate clients from Calgary, Alberta faced this ...

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Multi-Currency Account Saved Company 5% on Monthly Revenue

Olympia CGP | 5/11/20 1:49 PM

A Canadian Software company with product distribution internationally, was struggling to find an alternative solution to accepting  and holding foreign currencies as payment. With operations in ...

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How a Simple Trading Tactic Saved Thousands of Dollars in 1 Year

Ross Lynch | 3/30/20 11:03 AM

A family owned and operated livestock company has been in business for 24 years. They are a tough group of proud Albertans that work hard every day. The business has been successful, and they produce ...

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Streamlining Global Payments Saves Company Time and Resources

Andrew Park | 3/13/20 10:41 AM

The Challenge A mining company with international operations in Canada, Africa, and the Middle East was having problems effectively making global payments. Their annual currency exchange volume was ...

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New Hedging Strategy Saved Local BC Company Half a Million Dollars

Alexander Grant | 3/9/20 2:35 PM

The Challenge A BC nursery was experiencing frustrations and challenges with its bank over inconsistent and confusing trading fees when executing its foreign exchange transaction.

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