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How Extreme Events Are Impacting Your Business

Posted by Alexander Grant on 6/16/20 6:00 AM

In this update, I want to explain why typical bank FX forecasts are uninformative and why it is extreme events (and their impact on your business) that we should be concerned about.

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Why Every Business Should Use FX Derivatives

Posted by Alexander Grant on 5/25/20 2:15 PM

Derivatives in their most basic form have been documented as far back as Antiquity. Traces of their use can be dated to 600 BC, but are most commonly assumed to have had their first commercial application during the Roman Era (27 BC – 476 AD).

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What Happens To USDCAD After 100 Trading Days?

Posted by Alexander Grant on 5/20/20 10:38 AM

Today is the 100th trading day (TD) of 2020, so I thought I would run numbers to give perspective on seasonal tendencies for the balance of the year based on an historical back test.

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How to Free Up Working Capital

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/23/20 9:16 AM

Foreign currency exchange may be affecting your bottom line, but it doesn’t have to.

For Canadian import and export companies, fluctuations in exchange rates can make it challenging to budget up-front costs or determine revenues in foreign currencies. 

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How Do I Send an International Wire Transfer?

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/13/20 11:24 AM

If your business deals with international manufacturers, suppliers or overseas employees, chances are you will need to send international money transfers or international wire transfers on a regular basis. It takes an estimated one to three days for an international payment to clear.

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The Secret to Easy International Payments

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/13/20 11:17 AM

Regardless of the size or nature of your company, an international invoice is likely to land on your desk at some point in time. International import and export is becoming commonplace for small and large businesses alike. Perhaps a contractor in Europe specializes in a problem you are facing, or a supplier in Australia has a machine you need for manufacturing. 

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The Truth About Banks vs. Financial Institutions

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/9/20 3:17 PM

When it comes to Foreign Exchange, which one should I go with?

Whether you are importing/exporting goods, making a large purchase or sale in another country, you will encounter the need for foreign exchange services.

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Why do Currencies Fluctuate?

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/4/20 7:07 AM

Variables that influence currency value

There are many variables that shape a country’s currency value. However, currencies much like any other tradable item are priced based on the laws of supply and demand. Here are some of the factors that impact the supply and demand.

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