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Posted by Taylor Lahey on 11/24/20 9:48 AM

As a Senior Account Manager with Olympia Trust, Taylor specializes in assisting companies manage both immediate and future currency requirements. With extensive experience with large volume companies in sectors such as life sciences, Oil and Gas, Agriculture and Mining he strives to understand the unique needs of each individual business to ensure an exceptional level of service to his clients.

We asked Taylor to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

How does Olympia Currency and Global Payments differ from services offered at my bank?
  • Olympia Trust is a full-service foreign exchange trade desk offering tailored solutions for our corporate and personal clients. Our rates are significantly better than the competition, and we offer a wide range of FX products, including spot trades, advanced order types, forward contracts and option solutions that matches your company’s objectives and helps you better manage your currency exposure.
How does Converting Funds with Olympia Work?
  • Booking trades and moving money across borders with Olympia is seamless and can be done via several channels to suit your specific needs. Once you sign up for an account, you can book a trade by phone, email or on our online trading platform - PayFX. You can check rates on PayFX or by contacting me directly. We offer a variety of settlement options, many of which are at no cost to you.
What are the first steps? How do I get started?
  • Getting started is easy! Fill out the form below to schedule a no-obligation consultation with me to discuss your unique business requirements and what solutions may work to maximize profit, protect losses and save money!

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