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Danielle Eloschuk

As a Senior Analyst with Olympia Trust, Danielle has developed long standing relationships with her personal and corporate clients. With a genuine interest in her client’s unique needs and her extensive experience with large volume companies she is skilled to navigate each challenge while providing clients with market knowledge and outstanding customer service. Danielle has extensive experience and specializes in industries such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, transportation and real estate.

Recent Posts

Streamline payments to the US while avoiding unnecessary fees

Danielle Eloschuk | 1/6/21 10:54 AM

One of the biggest challenges companies face when looking to import equipment for their business is making the cross-border payment. One of our corporate clients from Calgary, Alberta faced this ...

Topics: Case Studies

Multi-Currency Account Saved Company 5% on Monthly Revenue

Danielle Eloschuk | 5/11/20 1:49 PM

A Canadian Software company with product distribution internationally, was struggling to find an alternative solution to accepting  and holding foreign currencies as payment. With operations in ...

Topics: Case Studies


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