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International Trade Requires a System for Currency Exchange | Olympia Trust

Olympia CGP | 11/2/21 9:34 AM

Simple Answers to Complex Questions about the Modern Foreign Exchange Market At any given moment of the day, huge volumes of international trades are exchanged between countries around the world. ...

How to Buy Real Estate in Mexico

Olympia CGP | 8/30/21 8:00 AM

Mexico has long been regarded as one of the best places in the world to vacation, thanks to its vibrant, welcoming culture, spectacular geography and stunning beach views.  

How to Read Foreign Exchange Rates

Olympia CGP | 8/26/21 10:35 AM

Foreign currency exchange rates show the value of one currency through a comparison to another currency, expressed in currency pairs. 

Why Do Foreign Exchange Rates Fluctuate?

Sonal Mistry | 8/16/21 11:58 AM

To understand why foreign exchange rates fluctuate, you need to know a little about the economic principle of supply and demand, and how it relates to price. 

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How FX Options Trading Works

Sonal Mistry | 8/4/21 9:10 AM

  What are FX Options? An FX Option is a financial instrument giving the owner of the option the right, but not the obligation, to purchase or sell currency at a predetermined rate within a given ...

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How to Record Foreign Exchange Transactions

Olympia CGP | 7/20/21 6:52 AM

If you’re a Canadian company that makes regular cross-border payments, you know that accounting can sometimes be tricky, and that errors can cost your business money.

Understanding How Foreign Exchange Rates are Determined

Olympia CGP | 7/13/21 7:38 AM

If you have your eye on foreign markets, whether you want to buy and sell products, understanding how and why the value of currencies change will help you make better decisions with your money over ...

Understanding the Impact of Currency Fluctuations

Olympia CGP | 7/6/21 1:41 PM

The global foreign exchange market is a highly dynamic, and sometimes volatile, environment. In markets such as these, conditions can change rapidly and create far reaching impacts for traders, ...

Everything You Need To Know About Forward Contracts

Sonal Mistry | 5/31/21 3:22 PM

At a time when the economy and currency rates are volatile, Forward Contracts can be beneficial to use as part of a strong FX hedging program. In fact, some studies suggest that by using Forward ...

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Foreign Exchange Market Trading: Everything You Need to Know Before Investing

Sonal Mistry | 5/25/21 10:33 AM

Collectively turning over trillions of dollars in value on a daily basis, currency trading through foreign exchange markets is a global activity engaged in by a variety of stakeholders, including ...

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