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CAD Makes Big Gains as Markets Recover

Posted by Joshua Schlebach on 5/26/20 9:49 AM

The CAD is surging and is up over 2 cents today as market mood continues to improve throughout economies. News today was limited to a speech from Governor Poloz which pointed to more stimulus from the central bank coming to help the struggling economy.

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Why Every Business Should Use FX Derivatives

Posted by Alexander Grant on 5/25/20 2:15 PM

Derivatives in their most basic form have been documented as far back as Antiquity. Traces of their use can be dated to 600 BC, but are most commonly assumed to have had their first commercial application during the Roman Era (27 BC – 476 AD).

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CAD Outperforms to Open Week

Posted by Joshua Schlebach on 5/25/20 10:01 AM

The CAD is solid and outperforming many of the G10 currencies to open the week but is range bound close to the level we saw at the end of last Friday. News today is limited to a speech from Bank of Canada Governor Poloz later this morning. Fundamentals today are quiet this week with the first major release coming in Friday’s GDP data.

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CAD Posts Losses on Market Tone

Posted by Joshua Schlebach on 5/22/20 9:25 AM

The CAD fallen and pushed below the range that we have seen so far this week on both renewed risk aversion throughout markets as well as slightly softer crude pricing. News today was better than expected but still negative with Core Retail Sales posting at -0.4% vs. -4.8% and Retail Sales coming in at -10.0% vs. -10.3%           

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CAD Loses Ground but Trades in Range

Posted by Joshua Schlebach on 5/21/20 9:53 AM

The CAD has lost some ground into the North American open but nothing substantial as we have seen a relatively narrow trading range.  News was limited but were concerning with Canada posting a loss of 226,600 jobs in April.  NHPI numbers reported at 0.0% vs. the expected -0.1%.           

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What Happens To USDCAD After 100 Trading Days?

Posted by Alexander Grant on 5/20/20 10:38 AM

Today is the 100th trading day (TD) of 2020, so I thought I would run numbers to give perspective on seasonal tendencies for the balance of the year based on an historical back test.

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CAD Steady into the Open

Posted by Joshua Schlebach on 5/20/20 10:30 AM

The CAD is still trading steady and in line with the mid-point that we have seen this week.  First tier fundamentals disappointed today with CPI numbers missing the -0.6% forecast reporting at -0.7%.  This marks the first time that inflation has fallen below zero in Canada since 2009.  The lone bright spot on the morning was second tier Wholesale Sales data which came in ahead of the expected -4.5% at -2.2%.         

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CAD Makes Gains to Start Week

Posted by Joshua Schlebach on 5/19/20 10:20 AM

The CAD is steady to open the trading week even with equity markets failing to hold on to positive risk sentiment thus far.  Crude prices have continued to improve and now sit above the $30 mark.

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Multi-Currency Account Saved Company 5% on Monthly Revenue

Posted by Olympia CGP on 5/11/20 1:49 PM

A Canadian Software company with product distribution internationally, was struggling to find an alternative solution to accepting  and holding foreign currencies as payment. With operations in Europe, Australia and the United States, bringing revenue back to Canada meant that these currencies, once received, would need to be immediately exchanged to Canadian Dollars in order to hold the funds in their account.

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How a Simple Trading Tactic Saved Thousands of Dollars in 1 Year

Posted by Olympia CGP on 3/30/20 11:03 AM

A family owned and operated livestock company has been in business for 24 years. They are a tough group of proud Albertans that work hard every day. The business has been successful, and they produce strong and healthy animals for export to the US every year. 

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