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Benefits of a Customized Foreign Exchange Trading Solution

Whether you are a beginner or expert at trading foreign currencies, Olympia's online trading platform - PayFX - offers a full suite of trader tools that will help you mitigate risk and move money more efficiently. 

With PayFX you can buy & sell foreign currency, manage your global payments or simply hold multiple currencies in one account. Manage your own foreign exchange transactions with peace of mind knowing you are getting competitive rates, personalized service and 100% security.

Buy & Sell Currencies

Quickly buy and sell 18 of the most common currencies in the world.

Manage Global Payments

Send, receive and track your global payments on the platform.

Multi-Currency Account

With a multi-currency account, your funds are always on standby for quick transactions.

PayFX - Your FX Trading Platform

Thanks to a wide range of trading tools and features, PayFX provides a simplified trading experience that will let you manage your foreign exchange transactions quickly and confidently. 

Risk management

Book advanced order types or forward contracts to take advantage of market volatility and bring certainty to your cash flow.

100% Security

Your funds are kept in trust until your transaction is complete, guaranteeing 100% security. Learn more

Instant quotes

See live rates for currency pairs before you complete your transaction.

Low rates

Our interbank rates can potentially save you between 1% and 3% on every transaction.

24H access from anywhere

View trading history, track your transactions and access your funds from anywhere in the world.

Customer service & Support

Speak to a live agent to help you get set up or book a trade.

Start Trading With PayFX

Sign up and start trading within 24 hours. The first step is to open a Corporate or Personal account with Olympia Trust Company Currency & Global Payments. Opening an account is a seamless process with the help of our experienced PayFX Support Team. Your login information will be emailed to you once you are approved – typically within one business day.

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Are you already an existing Olympia Currency & Global Payments client and want access to your online trading account?

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Available Currencies

The online trading platform, PayFX, allows you to buy and sell these 18 currencies. If you are looking to trade a currency that is not listed here, contact one of our Account Managers to see if that currency can be sourced. 

CAD CAD | Canadian Dollar
DKK DKK | Danish Krone
HUF HUF | Hungarian Forint
USD USD | United States Dollar
CHF CHF | Swiss Franc
HKD HKD | Hong Kong Dollar
EUR EUR | European Euro
PLN PLN | Polish Zloty
ZAR ZAR | South African Rand
GBP GBP | Great British Pound
NZD NZD | New Zealand Dollar
TRY TRY | Turkish Lira
JPY JPY | Japanese Yen
NOK NOK | Norwegian Krone
SGD SGD | Singapore Dollar
AUD AUD | Australian Dollar
MXN MXN | Mexican Peso
SEK SEK | Swedish Krona

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting set up with an account is quick and easy! Once you have your login information, you can upload your payees and begin to transfer funds. Our team is on standby during business hours for live technical support.

See answers to frequently asked questions regarding the PayFX platform.