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Avoid unnecessary fees and costs while meeting international payment obligations by working with the experts in international payment methods at Olympia Trust.

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Facilitating Cross Border Payments


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For international businesses, sending money overseas and carrying out transactions around the world can lead to a number of potentially frustrating challenges and costly hurdles.

As a longstanding provider of international currency exchange and global payment services, Olympia Trust has the expertise to help your company conduct secure, efficient and cost-effective international payments.

To learn how Olympia Trust’s solutions can be custom-tailored to your needs, book a free consultation with one of our Account Managers today.

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Benefits of a Customized Solution

Our approach to global payments and business currency exchange is unique in that we work one-on-one with our partners to ensure the custom solution benefits your company and allows for rapid growth.


Our approach to global payments and business currency exchange is unique in that we work one-on-one with our partners to ensure the custom solution benefits your company.


Mitigate Risk
As a trust corporation we guarantee the security of 100% of all the funds that you place with us.


New Revenue Potential
Unlock potential revenue opportunities with improved accessibility to new overseas markets


Generate Global Leverage
Partnering with Olympia creates stronger negotiating power with international suppliers and customers.

International Payment Methods

When your business needs to send money and make payments internationally, Olympia Trust offers a number of secure and efficient routes to conduct business in countries around the world.


Pre-Authorized Debits - Automated Clearing House (PAD-ACH) Payments

PAD-ACH payments are an efficient and cost-effective method to transfer funds online to US-based USD bank accounts. This payment method typically has a processing time of one to three business days, allowing you to pay companies throughout the United States. 

Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP)

Pre-authorized payments offer a convenient way to process transactions upon booking, on a recurring or one-time basis from your CAD or USD bank account. 

Note: An application and supporting financial documents are required; eligibility conditions and PAP limits apply. Speak to your Account Manager for more information. 

Wire Payments

A quick and secure global payment method you can use to make payments in most international currencies, our wire transfers are typically sent via the SWIFT network. Certain payments within Canada and the United States can be resolved the same business day. International payments required anywhere from two to four business days, depending on the jurisdiction and currency. 

Third Party Settlement Options

When you work with Olympia Trust, you can request a third-party transfer or wire form to have pre-approved payments applied to your account. 

Note: Compliance reviews and limitations apply. Depending on the outcome, additional information or documentation may be required. Speak to your Account Manager for more information.

Select The Right Solution For Your Business

By working with Olympia Trust, you get a customized international payment solution, built around your needs to address the circumstances facing your business. Speak with an Account Manager about your current timeline, budget and transaction details to find new ways to protect your bottom line. 
Contact an Account Manager, for a free, no-obligation consultation today.