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With help from Olympia Trust’s Account Managers, you can more effectively manage your global payments, foreign exchange and currency risk. Leverage our suite of FX solutions to protect your profits and navigate the foreign exchange market like a pro.

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Our Integrated Suite of Sophisticated FX Solutions

After an initial consultation, our team of industry professionals will build you an end-to-end solution tailored specifically to your industry. You’ll be able to:

Unlock Revenue Opportunities

Use our FX products to address both your current and future needs, reducing any unwelcome exchange rate earnings volatility while profiting from a more robust international diversification.

Better Manage Foreign Currency Exposure

Risk management is key when managing exposure from foreign exchange transactions. Using derivatives and other hedging strategies will promote stability conducive to long-term growth.

Improve Efficiencies

Automate foreign exchange trading functions and streamline your bank accounts with our cash management platform. Trading in foreign currencies has never been easier!

Crafting Customized Solutions is our Specialty

The currency market can be complex, but with an experienced Account Manager and a suite of FX products to choose from, you can manage any currency pair and isolate risk exposure. No matter the currency trading volume, Olympia Trust can help your team manage rate movements and navigate the world of foreign exchange with ease.


FX Spot Transaction

Make an immediate transaction to buy or sell currency at the current market rate. This eliminates risk from volatile market swings. Same-day settlement is available on most major currency pairs.

Limit Orders

Buy or sell currency at a specific rate that is better than the current market rate. Limit orders are not guaranteed to execute if the rate does not reach the specified target rate before the expiry date.

Stop Orders

Buy or sell currency once the price of that currency reaches a specified level called the stop price. Stop orders are not guaranteed to execute if triggered, especially in illiquid and/or exotic currencies.

FX Outright Forwards

Buy or sell currency at the current forward rate for settlement at a specified future delivery date. Protect profit margins by securing a favorable rate today – all without tying up working capital.

FX Time Option Forwards

Leverage all the benefits of a FX Outright Forward with the added flexibility to access funds at any point in the last 90 calendar days prior to contract expiry.

Non-Deliverable Forwards

Hedge exposure in currencies that cannot be physically settled in the domestic currency. Used when revenues are in a controlled currency you need to bring back domestically.

Expandable Forwards

Implement a zero-cost structure offering an enhanced strike rate relative to a forward. May be suitable for companies with tighter profit margins.

Participating Forwards

Execute a zero-cost structure offering full protection against strength in the spot rate while allowing to partially benefit from unlimited weakness in the underlying spot rate.

Vanilla Call Options

Create a customized hedging strategy by accepting a premium which gives you the right, but not the obligation, to purchase currency at a predetermined rate against another at expiry.

Vanilla Put Options

Create a customized hedging strategy by accepting a premium which gives you the right, but not the obligation, to sell currency at a predetermined rate against another at expiry.

FX Collars

Hedge with a zero-cost structure constructed by purchasing a call above the forward rate and selling a put option below the forward rate.


Download our Product Guide for more detailed information on the products listed above, and learn how we can help your organization.

Olympia Trust’s Security Advantage

As a provincially regulated trust corporation governed by the Loan and Trust Corporations Act, we offer our partners a security advantage by guaranteeing your funds are 100% secure throughout any entire transaction. Funds flow into segregated trust accounts and remain in trust until the transaction is complete, alleviating any fear of financial risk.

Backed by decades of experience, our knowledgeable Compliance team, along with our Account Managers, also conduct extensive due diligence to minimize potential risk associated with sending and receiving foreign currencies. Olympia Trust fully complies with the laws and procedures of the agencies governing against money laundering and terrorist financing in the countries we do business in. 

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