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The real estate market, both in Canada and around the world, can be an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio. 

However, Canadian investors that want to buy or sell real estate abroad might find it a challenge to work through all the details, especially since rules related to foreign investors can be complex, and vary widely by country. 

Olympia Trust delivers value by helping Canadians organize and optimize details related to financing, payment transfers and foreign exchange transactions. 

Every foreign housing market is different, and Olympia Trust is here to help save you money as you enter or exit a foreign housing market, thanks to their Personal Foreign Exchange solutions.

How Olympia Trust Can Help When You Buy or Sell Abroad

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Olympia Trust offers timely, secure and cost-effective payment solutions for their clients. This is true whether they are buying or selling a vacation home abroad, importing a vehicle from another country or even doing something as simple as paying international tuition

The key to Olympia Trust’s value-added originates with their Account Managers

Save on Currency Exchange

Olympia Trust’s Account Managers place a premium on customer service and offering personal financial services tailored specifically to their clients’ needs. Our clients can save on currency exchange by leveraging our high trading volume, potentially saving thousands of dollars. 

Security & Compliance

Clients can also gain peace of mind knowing that every Account Manager keeps security and compliance top of mind, carefully reviewing every transaction to alert of you any potential threats. 

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What Should I Know About Buying Property Abroad?

Just like it is with Canadian real estate, every country has its own set of rules and requirements for foreign buyers. 

Investors can face a foreign buyers tax, a speculation tax, or confront additional fees on the purchase price for non-resident investors. There can also be a number of onerous rules related to minimum down payments and restrictions related to mortgages that may apply, depending on the national property rules of the country in which you’re investing. 

However, despite all the potential complications, one thing is usually true: cash is king

Save Money on Foreign Exchange Fees

Using cash to settle a property transaction abroad has a number of advantages. 

Using cash can help you secure a better price, and also ensure that the deal closes more quickly. Paying in cash is usually only recommended for properties that are already built, as opposed to a property in development or in the pre-construction phase. 

An Account Manager can help you get the best value for your money when transferring money abroad. They can also help ensure your transactions are totally secure, and conducted in a way that protects you and your investment.

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