Currency Risk Management

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Currency Risk Management

Learning the basics of foreign exchange risk management isn’t impossible, but it can be complicated, especially if your focus is divided between managing cash flows and operating your business.

In fact, managing the effects of foreign currency exchange rate fluctuation and maximizing profit often requires a great deal of technical knowledge. When large sums of money are involved, it’s often best to utilize the expertise of professionals like those at Olympia Trust.

If you’re one of the many Canadian companies that has either international manufacturers, suppliers or employees, exchange rates and currency fluctuations put your business’ profitability at risk. Managing and mitigating that exchange rate risk is in your best interest, and there’s no better team than ours to provide you with the information you need to protect your profit margins.

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The Importance of Foreign Currency Risk Management

Companies that do business internationally need a currency management strategy. Maximizing the value of your resources can be the difference between success and failure. 

Whether you face transaction exposure, translation exposure or operating exposure, there are relatively simple tools that can be used to tame the unpredictability of rising and falling currencies.


Forward Contracts

If, for example, your company regularly buys raw materials from another country, whether it is the United States or a country in Europe, a Forward Contract can minimize your company’s exposure to currency fluctuations by locking in the exchange rate from the moment you sign a contract until the projected delivery date.

There are several variations of Forward Contracts offered by Olympia Trust. The type your organization should use will depend on a set of variables unique to your business. This is the value of having a free consultation with one of our Account Managers. Our experts can help you decide when and where to use: 

  • FX Outright Forwards
  • Time Option Forwards
  • Non-Deliverable Forwards
  • Expandable Forwards
  • Participating Forwards

FX Options

Another possibility is to use Options to mitigate risk and maximize value. Customized options strategies can be implemented to either use calls or puts that give your company the right to either buy and sell currencies at predetermined rates. 

How can you decide on which risk management strategies you should implement to protect your profits? Speak to one of our experts today! 

Olympia Trust Currency & Global Payments offers custom FX solutions designed with your industry in mind, whether you are in the healthcare field, energy and mining, technology, real estate, life sciences, agribusiness or another industry.

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Trust the Foreign Exchange Risk Management Experts

At Olympia Trust, we can build you a customized, end-to-end FX plan that matches your company’s long term objectives. 

This will allow you to manage all of your foreign exchange needs, better managing both your global payments and currency risks more effectively. Our no-obligation consultations have equipped businesses across Canada with the strategies they need to succeed.  

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