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Allow our Account Manager to help you navigate the complex process of international purchases and payments. 

Real estate, vehicle purchases and sales, and international tuition are the top 3 reasons individuals look for currency services. No matter the reason, our Account Managers can help you manage your foreign currency transactions and payments - saving you time and money.

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Personal Foreign Currency Exchange

Whether you are purchasing a vehicle abroad, a snowbird purchasing or selling foreign real estate, or even paying international tuition, our Account Managers can ensure secure, timely and cost-effective payment solutions.

Save on Currency Exchange

Leverage Olympia’s high trading volume to potentially save you thousands of dollars on your currency exchange.

Travel Cash

For your convenience, Olympia offers a travel cash delivery service for registered clients. Contact your Account Manager to place your order.

Innovative Technology

We are always looking for solutions to make things easier. Now you can manage your own transactions with PayFX - Olympia’s online trading platform.

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Security & Compliance

Have peace of mind with the safety of your hard earned money. Our compliance team carefully reviews each transaction to detect inconsistencies alerting you of possible threats.

  • Oly Financial
  • FCA
  • EDC
  • CIBC

The Olympia Advantage

Purchasing international real estate, importing vehicles and paying international tuition are the most common reasons people need specialized foreign currency exchange service. No matter the reason for your global currency transfers, our Account Managers at Olympia can help you manage your transactions in a secure, timely and cost-effective manner.

100% Security

 The security of your hard earned money is our priority, which is why your funds are placed in a segregated trust account throughout the entire process.

Competitive Rates

High trading volumes at Olympia means that we can pass along the savings, offering you more competitive rates.

Best in Class Service

We provide custom solutions for your unique challenges. Your dedicated Account Managers will help you navigate the world of foreign currency exchange and global payments.

risk management
Risk Mitigation

Our Account Managers show you the right products that can minimize your currency exchange risk, while our compliance team works diligently to protect you against fraud.

PayFX Trading Platform

Sign up for Olympia’s online trading platform and start taking your company’s foreign exchange into your own hands.

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Send International Payments

Easily send, receive and manage all of your international payments in one place.

Multi-Currency Account

With a multi-currency account, your funds are always on standby for quick transactions.

Easy Access

PayFX is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.


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Once your payment is sent, you will receive a purchase confirmation notice outlining the details of your transaction and its status.

Your Solution for Personal Currency Exchange

We understand that navigating the complex system of global payments and foreign currency exchange can be challenging and costly - That's why Olympia Trust offers custom solutions with dedicated support so that you can rest easy knowing your payments are secure and efficient.

Get started with Olympia Trust as your foreign currency exchange and global payments provider today.

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Personal Currency Exchange


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It only takes 5 minutes to start saving time and money. Simplify your international payments process and let our Account Managers do the heavy lifting.

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