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Creating currency and global payment solutions with your industry and unique challenges in mind.

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Corporate FX Solutions for Every Industry

Navigate the unique dynamics facing your industry with custom solutions that help you stay competitive, reduce risk, increase efficiency and boost your bottom line. Take advantage of our integrated suite of sophisticated FX solutions along with a dedicated Account Manager that will help you build a customized, end-to-end FX plan that matches your company’s short and long term objectives while addressing your current needs.

Foreign Exchange

FX Products
FX Products

Our Account Managers can customize sophisticated FX plans, including derivatives & other hedging products, to help manage risk.

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Risk Management
Risk Management

Manage currency risk using our holistic approach and broad resources to bring certainty to your business operations & help you grow.

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Fraud Detection and Security
Fraud Detection & Security

Our compliance team carefully reviews each transaction to detect inconsistencies, allowing us to alert you of possible threats.

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Consultation with Analyst

Define your strategic goals, identify a solution, and use a disciplined approach to make certain you achieve your business goals.

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Payment & Settlement Methods
Payment & Settlement

Select the most efficient method of receiving and making payments for your business.

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Global Payments
Global Payments

Create a payment strategy or contact your dedicated Account Manager to make a quick global payment.

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Currency Services
Currency Services

Access over 100 currencies including a number of exotic currencies.

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Industries Served
Industry Specific

Discover solutions addressing the complexities of international payments designed with your industry in mind.

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Security & Compliance

As a regulated Financial Entity, we are committed to the safety and security of our clients, our business and our staff. Matters of security and compliance are prioritized and treated with the utmost caution.


Security Advantage

As a provincially regulated trust corporation governed by the Loan and Trust Corporations Act, Olympia offers our partners a security advantage by providing the comfort of knowing your funds are 100% secure throughout the entire transaction.


Our knowledgeable compliance team and our Account Managers conduct extensive due diligence to minimize potential risk associated with sending and receiving foreign currencies.


OTC is a registered non-deposit taking trust corporation regulated by the Alberta Superintendent of Financial Institutions, an agency of the Alberta Ministry of Treasury Board and Finance that reports to the Alberta Minister of Finance.

Fraud Detection

Our rigorous compliance requirements protect your business from fraud. Our compliance team carefully reviews each transaction to detect inconsistencies alerting you of possible threats.

Risk Management

Canadian companies that deal with international manufacturers, suppliers or even overseas employees are exposed to currency exchange risk. Many companies do nothing to manage the risk and simply make mandatory payments through their bank. Olympia allows Canadian businesses to mitigate the impact of currency exchange risk on international payments.

In fact, a recent Bank of Canada publication found that publicly listed non-financial firms that use derivatives are typically more profitable and have lower volatility of earnings than those that do not use derivatives. (Bank of Canada - The Use of Financial Derivatives by Canadian Firms)

Hedging Currency Risk Strategies

Advanced Order Types

Advanced Order Types

Option Structures


Forward Contracts

Forward Contracts

Our Account Managers will take a deep dive into your current strategy to ensure our efforts are as comprehensive as possible. This ensures that our solutions are realistic and formulated with your specific company objectives in mind. Contact one of our experts today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Leverage foreign currency exchange tools to address to your specific business needs. Make your foreign currency exchange program work harder for you through automation of your transactions and flexible execution options. See payment & settlement methods.

FX Spot Transaction

Make an immediate transaction to buy or sell currency at the current market rate. This eliminates risk from volatile market swings. Same-day settlement is available on most major currency pairs.

Limit Orders

Buy or sell currency at a specific rate that is better than the current market rate. Limit orders are not guaranteed to execute if the rate does not reach the specified target rate before the expiry date.

Stop Orders

Buy or sell currency once the price of that currency reaches a specified level called the stop price. Stop orders are not guaranteed to execute if triggered, especially in illiquid and/or exotic currencies.

FX Outright Forwards

Buy or sell currency at the current forward rate for settlement at a specified future delivery date. Protect profit margins by securing a favourable rate today – all without tying up working capital.

FX Time Option Forwards

Leverage all the benefits of a FX Outright Forward with the added flexibility to access funds at any point in the last 90 calendar days prior to contract expiry.


Non-Deliverable Forwards

Hedge exposure in currencies that cannot be physically settled in the domestic currency. Used when revenues are in a controlled currency you need to bring back domestically.

Expandable Forwards

Implement a zero-cost structure offering an enhanced strike rate relative to a forward. May be suitable for companies with tighter profit margins.

Participating Forwards

Execute a zero-cost structure offering full protection against strength in the spot rate while allowing to partially benefit from unlimited weakness in the underlying spot rate.

Vanilla Call Options

Create a customized hedging strategy by accepting a premium which gives you the right, but not the obligation, to purchase currency at a predetermined rate against another at expiry.

Vanilla Put Options

Create a customized hedging strategy by accepting a premium which gives you the right, but not the obligation, to sell currency at a predetermined rate against another at expiry.

FX Collars

Hedge with a zero-cost structure constructed by purchasing a call above the forward rate and selling a put option below the forward rate. 


Olympia Trust Currency & Global Payments offers custom FX solutions designed with your industry in mind. We partner with leading and established industries with a focus on delivering simple solutions that address the complexities of international payments and global currency risks. Our team of FX Account Managers provide ideas, execution and liquidity to a wide range of clients from every sector of the economy including but no limited to:

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Life Sciences

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Real Estate

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Energy & Mining

Start Strategizing With an Expert

With so many foreign exchange products and hedging strategies to choose from, allow one of our experts to assess your current plan and give you a custom fit solution that will boost efficiency, your bottom line and create opportunities for new revenue potential in global markets.

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Free up working capital with the FXG program

For Canadian export companies, foreign currency exposure can have significant impact on their bottom line, yet many companies do not actively manage their foreign currency risk. One of the most cited reasons for this is due to the capital required. To address this restriction and help with the cash flow of growing businesses, Olympia has partnered with Export Development Canada (EDC) to bring the Foreign Exchange Guarantee (FXG) program to our clients.

Contact us to learn more about this program