Buy Foreign Currency Online
with Olympia Trust

PayFX - Olympia's Online Trading Platform

In today’s global market, having the ability to trade currencies with ease - and to do so at a favorable exchange rate - is a must. Olympia Trust can help you do it.

Using our online trading platform PayFX or assistance from our experienced Account Managers, both businesses and individuals in Canada can buy or sell over 18 major currencies from around the world.

Available Currencies

CAD CAD | Canadian Dollar
DKK DKK | Danish Krone
HUF HUF | Hungarian Forint
USD USD | United States Dollar
CHF CHF | Swiss Franc
HKD HKD | Hong Kong Dollar
EUR EUR | European Euro
PLN PLN | Polish Zloty
ZAR ZAR | South African Rand
GBP GBP | Great British Pound
NZD NZD | New Zealand Dollar
TRY TRY | Turkish Lira
JPY JPY | Japanese Yen
NOK NOK | Norwegian Krone
SGD SGD | Singapore Dollar
AUD AUD | Australian Dollar
MXN MXN | Mexican Peso
SEK SEK | Swedish Krona

Buying Foreign Currency as a Business

Currency trading is especially important for Canadian companies that do business in the global marketplace, whether they need to buy machinery, import or export goods, pay producers and manufacturers, or pay the salaries of any employees working abroad.

Buying Foreign Currency as an Individual

Individuals can also benefit from low exchange rates and secure transactions, whether they are buying or selling property abroad, importing vehicles, paying tuition fees or making large purchases.

Note: Olympia Trust does not exchange small amounts of money to individuals that have recently returned from overseas trips. That said, we can accommodate those that need to exchange large amounts ($25,000+), or several thousand on a recurring basis. Reach out to one of our Account Managers or our Contact Us page for any necessary clarifications.

Use PayFX, Olympia Trust’s Foreign Exchange Trading Platform

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you can use our PayFX platform to buy and sell foreign currencies, manage your global payments, or simply hold multiple currencies in one easy-to-access account. 

Instantly trade currency pairs with one of the best currency exchange rates available, and operate with the same level of security you would find in traditional online banking. Maximize the value of your foreign cash, buy and sell at your convenience - you get it all with Olympia Trust.

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Customized Solutions Designed to Maximize Value and Protect Your Bottom Line

Our Account Managers have been involved in capital markets for years, and are experts at building and implementing currency trading strategies for institutional, corporate or individual clients. 

Their hands-on experience will help you get more for your hard-earned dollars, navigate complex financial scenarios and mitigate risk by using Advanced Order Types, Forward Contracts and more to protect you from market volatility and bring a greater degree of certainty to your cash flow. 

With access to low interbank rates, you can save anywhere from 1% to 3% on every transaction when moving any amount of money. Sign up with Olympia Trust today - your bank account will thank you later!

Mitigate Currency Risk and Buy Foreign Currency With Olympia Trust

With a team of professionals guiding you at every turn, not only can we help protect your profitability on regular or one-time transactions, we’ll be sure to take your unique needs into account. We can help you trade any base currency, navigating challenges in a way that forex brokers can’t. 

With experience in industries including agricultural, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, transportation, real estate, aviation, manufacturing and more, trust our knowledgeable staff to keep you up to date on current trends, activate appropriate hedging strategies, and minimize risks from adverse price movements.